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That’s right—Tidy and Glade® Tough Odor Solutions have done it again. Our latest innovation has the same serious odor-fighting power, in a new, amazingly pleasant Clean Blossoms scent that’s as refreshingly light as the litter itself. So the only hard part? Picking your favorite. But Tidy can only do so much.

Convenience that delivers.


Meet Tidy Cats Direct™: the only disposable, deliverable litter box that comes pre-filled with 30 days* of Tidy’s LightWeight 24/7 Performance litter. So, you get premium odor control, your cat gets a box, and no one has to leave the house. Even Tidy’s going to have a hard time topping this one.

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*For the average cat (not that your cat has ever been average)

Meet TidyLock: Our Latest Innovation

Tidy knows the best never rest — and so, we created TidyLock. This new and improved formula is guaranteed to lock away odors, so you're free to enjoy the sweet scent of your home, and Tidy's latest victory. Not to brag or anything.

Two Innovations,
One Tidy Jug

We’ve been working diligently to develop a new LightWeight litter that fights odors as much as our favorite Glade® Tough Odor Solutions, and we figured, why not go straight to the source? So we've partnered with Glade® Tough Odor Solutions to add their odor fighting powers directly into Tidy LightWeight.

It’s a litter you can lift anywhere, with the power of Glade® Tough Odor Solutions, so guests won’t notice your litter box.

Get the scoop Glade & Clear Springs are trademarks of S.C. Johnson & Sons, Inc. used under license.

heavy litter

Just like taxes and hangnails, it’s a known fact that litter is annoyingly heavy. And for decades, cat-loving humans accepted this as reality. The Tidy Lab, however, took it as a challenge: create a litter that’s half the weight of the leading clay-based clumping litter. And, BULLS EYE, Tidy hit the nail on the head. In fact, it’s one of a kind.

It didn’t happen overnight. And it wasn’t easy. But that’s the only way a new kind of litter that’s half the weight of the traditional scooping litter—with all the strength you’d expect from Tidy—gets made. Then? It was made even better, with TidyLock’s improved odor-locking technology.

With this crossed off the collective Tidy bucket list, you might think it’d be a good time to bask in the warm glow of victory. Not so. Tidy came to work the very next day and started creating the next, great litter innovation… and it was a Saturday.

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Cutting Edge

Here at the lab, we’re always pushing ourselves to higher levels of innovation. Case in point, the Clump Claw 2000. Although still in the prototype phase, it will soon be the world’s first drone designed specifically for litter box clean up. Needless to say, our innovation has reached new heights.


The Power

of Pleasant

The odor-fighting power of Tidy’s latest LightWeight litter makes everything more pleasant. So much so, it inspired Tidy to innovate again—by letting you add the pleasance of Clean Blossoms to your life in all-new ways, for all-new senses. So turn on the volume, clear your mind nostrils, and let the pleasant wash over you.

Let these refreshingly pleasant sounds awaken your senses, as Clean Blossoms awakens you to the availability of its new pleasant aroma. Perfect for tuning out long conversations with co-workers who talk about things that aren’t cats.

Just as Tidy is saving your sight from all things unpleasant, so too does Clean Blossoms open your eyes to a new world of odor-fighting freshness. Because if noses had eyes, this is what they’d see when introduced to its pleasant new scent.

Innovation Under Way.

The only way to feast your smellers on the pleasant scent of Clean Blossoms is by trying it yourself. For now...

Find the Perfect Litter

Choosing the right litter for you is a science.

Well, it was before we invented the Litter Selector.

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